Health & Safety Memo

 CHAPTER 5  Information, training and competence 

Health and safety training is required to ensure that people know how to work safely and to develop a positive health and safety culture within a company. Therefore, it is mandatory under health and safety legislation. It is not enough just to tell staff what they need to do; employers need to make sure that employees understand their responsibilities and are updated when anything changes.
It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that clear instructions, information and training are provided to all employees. Anyone working as a contractor or who is self-employed should also be given information when working on the premises of another employer. This information must include, as a minimum: hazards and their potential risks; control measures to deal with those risks; and emergency procedures. Specific task-based training may be appropriate for a range of employees, such as new recruits, existing members of staff taking on new responsibilities or changi...

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