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First aid

Suit yourself first aid training

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (as amended) come into force on 1 October. How is this going to affect first aid training?

The HSE has finally updated the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (as amended) ( FAR).

Any surprises? There’s been a great deal of consultation on how FAR should be amended, so there’s very little that we didn’t expect to be there. Although there has been plenty of fuss from interested parties, for most of us the changes aren’t going to make a great deal of difference. The HSE will benefit the most. From 1 October it will no longer act as an assessment body for first aid trainers, handing control of that responsibility to Ofqual, the SQA and the Welsh Government.

What about training content? Previously, trainers had to run HSE-approved courses. The updated Regulations will allow them to develop industry-specific ones. For most, the courses previously approved by the HSE are still the best option. These include the one-day “emergency first aid at work” and the three-day “first aid at work”, now referred to by the HSE as the “off the peg” option. Don’t discount the industry-specific courses. If you’re in a high-risk sector, you may find the course content better suited to your needs.

The changes will introduce industry-specific training better suited to those in high-risk sectors. For most, sticking to the existing first aid at work and emergency first aid at work courses will be fine.

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