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Topic: Risk assessments - fire

arson prevention checklist
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Arson prevention checklist

Arson prevention checklist

Around 40% of fires in commercial buildings are started deliberately. To reduce the risk to your business, review your arrangements using our checklist.

Why use it?

Although the majority of arson attacks are carried out by juveniles, they are also associated with those who have a grudge against the occupier, are covering up a crime or who may gain financially from the fire.

Whilst you can’t necessarily prevent arsonists from targeting your business, you can make it difficult for them to do so. Use our Arson Prevention Checklist to implement preventive measures.

What’s covered?

The checklist examines the common areas covered by insurance policies as well as other sensible precautions you can take. These go beyond any legal requirements so it’s up to you to decide how far you need to go. The questions are set out in three sections:

  • external areas
  • access
  • management.

How to use the form

You should complete the Location and if applicable, Project name” at the start of the document, then work your way through each point marking it Yes, No, or “N/A” (not applicable). If you assess that further consideration or action is needed, you should also tick the “F/I” (further information) column and include notes in that section.

On completion you should sign and date the form and include a suggested date for revision as prompted.

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