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Topic: Risk assessments - fire

fire hazards - sources of ignition
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Fire hazards - sources of ignition

Fire hazards - sources of ignition

When conducting a fire risk assessment one of the first things you need to do is to identify the fire hazards. Use our document to help you.

In context

All organisations with responsibility for non-domestic premises have a duty to carry out a fire risk assessment. This needs to be written down if the business has five or more employees. However, it’s a good idea to write down your fire risk assessment (FRA) even if you have fewer employees. Our fire risk assessment forms enable you to tackle this task step by step, making it more manageable.

Sources of ignition

A source of ignition is anything that has the potential to start a fire, e.g. a naked flame or a faulty electrical appliance. This section of your FRA guides you through the process of identifying anything that could start a fire.

For each of the listed sources of ignition you should tick “Yes” or “No”, indicate the “Location” and write some “Notes/ actions”. In addition, we’d recommend that you also explain how the risk is controlled. For example, if you’ve eliminated the use of multi-socket adaptors, then say so.


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