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Topic: Accident management and first aid

first aid room checklist
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First aid room checklist

First aid room checklist

If you have a first aid room, use our checklist to help you ensure that it’s correctly stocked. That way, you can avoid wasting money on equipment that you don’t need.

First aid room checklist

First aid rooms should be provided where an assessment shows a need for them. Luckily, this gives you a degree of flexibility in deciding whether one is really necessary. This is likely to be the case for larger firms or for those operating in high-risk industries, such as chemical manufacturing. Smaller, lower-risk businesses with the space may also choose to have a first aid room; perhaps doubling up for other purposes. However, irrespective of your circumstances, you could use our First Aid Room Checklist to help ensure that the room is of a sufficient standard and contains the appropriate facilities. This checklist can also be used by those planning on introducing a first aid room for the first time. For ease of use, it’s divided into three sections:

First aid room

The first section looks at the room itself including its layout. This is important as it will need to be large enough to accommodate a couch and allow the person giving treatment sufficient space to move around it. Other questions focus on your chosen room’s accessibility, e.g. for a stretcher and wheelchair and whether or not the room has adequate lighting and heating.

Contents and facilities

The next section considers the contents and facilities that you need for your first aid room. Apart from a sink, this includes furniture such as a desk and chair (so as to allow the person giving treatment somewhere to sit and record what first aid treatment has been given) and somewhere to store the first aid materials. Other questions in the checklist look at the provision of ancillary equipment, such as a phone, waste bin and clinical waste bags.


The third section deals with questions that don’t really fit into the above categories. For example, the first question asks if an individual has been made responsible for looking after the first aid room. This is important, because otherwise the room can easily become untidy and items go astray. Other questions consider housekeeping issues and ask if the room has been added to your cleaning schedule and whether or not those with access have been instructed to always leave it in a clean and tidy state. In order to facilitate this, the last question asks if the room will be kept locked (recommended).


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